Allergic Reaction Symptoms In Children

Allergic Reaction Symptoms
Allergic Reaction Symptoms In Children

Allergic reaction symptoms in children not only burden the child, but also the family. In addition to disrupting health and making it uncomfortable because it reduces the quality of life, allergies also make sufferers spend not a little money on medical expenses.

Not surprisingly, experts continue to try to find solutions to overcome this allergy – if possible, cure it. In the meantime, we cannot say that allergic reaction symptoms can be cured, but only controlled.

In general, allergic talent is passed down by parents to children through genetics. Because it is carried in genes, allergy in theory cannot be cured. However, allergy symptoms can be minimized by avoiding allergens that cause allergies. For example, people who are allergic to cow’s milk may no longer consume cow’s milk and all types of products if they do not want their allergic symptoms to recur.

But the problem is that there are lots of foods and drinks that contain milk without knowing for sure. People who are allergic to cow’s milk should avoid milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, and all other types of food made from these foods.

Allergic Reaction Symptoms Still Can Occur Over And Over – How To Anticipate

How to anticipate If allergy symptoms recur, there is still the next aid, which is the consumption of anti-allergic drugs. However, the drug can only eliminate temporary allergic symptoms. The drug cannot completely stop the allergic reaction symptoms that is running in the body due to an allergic reaction, and cannot protect the patient from allergens. As a result, if the person is exposed to the same allergen, allergy symptoms will recur.

Fortunately, there are several types of allergies that will disappear when the sufferer reaches a certain age. 85% of children who are allergic to cow’s milk, eggs, soybeans, and wheat will be free from their allergies. But on the other hand, only 15% will be free from shellfish and peanut allergies.

Immunotherapy has now been found, which is an effort to reduce the severity of allergies – even if possible eliminate them. This method of therapy is by injection or medication taken.

If a person is allergic to shrimp, he will be given a small amount of shrimp extract every day, which will increase in length. The purpose of this therapy is that over time these shrimp allergy sufferers become increasingly immune to shrimp allergens, so that the allergic symptoms will be lighter to disappear.

Immunotherapy can reduce allergic reaction symptoms, because in immunotherapy the immune system is introduced to allergens and taught so as not to cause a reaction when presented on the next occasion. Thus, immunotherapy is quite effective for treating allergies in children.

Coconut Water to Anticipate Allergic Reaction Symptoms

The benefits of coconut water are the first as an anti-diuretic substance which means as a substance that facilitates the discharge of urine. Because the content of the solution and cytochemistry is useful as an update of damaged body cells. The content of magnesium and potassium contained in coconut drinks makes people with low pressure from the risk of having a heart attack. Helps in increasing metabolism in our body. Potassium contained in coconut water can prevent the presence of kidney stones in our body. Coconut water is very well known for its benefits, namely as a neutralizing poison. This is very suitable for dealing with allergic reaction symptoms.