Allergic Reaction to Food and How to Cure It

Allergic Reaction to Food
Allergic Reaction to Food and How to Cure It

Allergic reaction to food, what is it? Allergy is a body’s defense response to foreign components that enter the body. In food allergies, these foreign components are foods or beverages that are swallowed and absorbed by the body through the digestive system.

This will discuss the allergic reaction to food, which is common in food. Generally, people with allergies will avoid foods that cause body parts in certain parts of the body. This is very unfavorable because certain foods are ignored (Not Consumed) even if we have only one ingredient, we will have one nutrient needed by the body.

Food allergies occur because the body produces antibodies, immunoglobulin E, which is specific to a food allergen. These food allergens are proteins or glycoproteins contained in a food. When allergic food enters the digestive system, then is absorbed into the blood and binds to these immunoglobulin antibodies, the body responds to allergy symptoms. Differences in the level of sensitivity of each individual will determine how much allergens in food can cause allergic reactions. Also, the food that causes allergies will vary for each individual, depending on the formed by the body.

Food allergy symptoms usually occur about one hour after someone consumes food allergens. Common symptoms include:

  • Nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, or when breathing sounds.
  • Blisters, reddish skin, and abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting.
  • Inflammation in a part of the mouth
  • Shock, followed by a great drop in blood pressure.
  • Increased and irregular heartbeat.

In more severe allergic conditions (anaphylaxis), these things can occur with higher a person may also experience symptoms of allergies that can be fatal, including:

  • Swelling of the throat and respiratory tract so that patients experience severe breathing difficulties.
  • Dizziness, head feels floating or almost fainted
  • Allergic reaction to food which can be fatal
  • Lost consciousness.

Knowing Your Allergic Reaction to Food

Example, Mr. Chris at one time, consumed eggs after he consumed the eggs, his body experienced red and itchy spots, the feeling would emerge if he met again with egg ingredients because he thought that if he consumed it again the skin would have spots peacock and itch.

Even though this is not the case, it is not necessarily the father Chris if he consumes the food in the form of eggs, his skin will have red spots. That’s all because of the suggestion of Mr. Chris on eggs, to eliminate them one way by manipulating or sabotaging eggs against other food combinations, for example by inserting egg mills in wet pastels, or mixing them with porridge so that the eggs are completely invisible and capable of eliminating suggestions from Mr. Chris.

How to overcome?

If the above actions do not show the right results, it will be very fatal if other businesses are not used. Replacing foods that cause allergens with substitute foods is something that is likely to be acceptable to patients. Replacement foods are foods that can replace nutrient intake from foods that cannot or can be consumed. As in the case of Mr. Chris above, what has an allergic reaction to food in the form of eggs, we can use substitute foods in the form of foods that have the same protein nutrients.